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6 things to do in Jaipur


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Hawa Mahal, Jaipur (Pic courtesy: godisha.in)

Summer isn’t the best time to go to Jaipur, or so I thought. A work trip took me there last month and I had an extra day to myself. While a part of me just wanted to huddle inside the hotel, binge watch TV and get some R&R, I am glad the other half prevailed. A little googling and I was out there to recee Jaipur. Not a big list in any way, but if you like my kind of things, is the kind who prefers gawking at beautiful things over buying them, this list is for you. And yes, do this only if you have already covered Amer fort, Hawa Mahal and Anokhi Museum.

1. P.M Allabuksh and Sons

An old place with gigantic hanging lamps, shiny brass plates and a retro world charm. I chanced this while on my way to somewhere and I stopped in my tracks, literally. Go there just for the feel of it. And when you step out with a mission to have a big enough home to fit that pendant lamp, get a lassi from one of the shops there. Lonely planet recommends just one of them, but trust me, all of them are awesome. And for more hunger, Lal Maas at Niro’s. Perfect lunch.

2. Leheriya

Leher means waves in Hindi. And the chiffon leheriya sarees are just that. Wavy, breezy, colourful. A meagre Rs.100 for a dupatta, you feel like you stepped out of Raghu Rai’s pictures. Pick one anywhere on Johari bazaar. Most of the stuff on display is very bad, but the real gems are Leheriyas.

3. Head to C scheme

Now you are in the hip part of Jaipur. Religiously check out Anokhi, Soma and Rasa. You will be bowled over with endlessly beautiful clothes and home accessories.

4. Anantaya

A store that I fell in love with. Anything you pick up here will be a piece that will up the style quotient in your home. I bought a lotus coat hanger in brass and copper. For Rs.1350, it was value for money. Trust me, I don’t say that often. After this, a quick visit to Neerja pottery on Jacob’s road to stock up on some pretty blue pottery buttons and coasters.

5. Chaisa Cafe

Now you need some chai and maggi here. Delightful interiors and perfect chai. Remember to step out and gape at the Vidhaan Sabha, a stunning piece of architecture.

6. Pandit Kulfi

Just before you end this lovely day, make sure to stop by Pandit Kulfi near Amer Road. Google it and ask a million people. It is so small that you may walk by a hundred times and not figure out the place. Have both the malai and paan versions for Rs. 20 each.

So enjoy your day in Jaipur!


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