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A shell studded peacock


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I really wouldn’t say that I work very hard. The cliché that if you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work, is true. Very true. I’ve skipped lunches without feeling even a bit hungry and woke up in the middle of the night to write down a dream, cos some awesome ideas are only dreamt. Even for a job like mine, there are surprises. As if everyday wasn’t awesome enough, I stumble upon more wonder.

Peacock using sea shells

The Troikaa family is one such. With a home that will take your breath away and the home owners tastefully doing up every inch of it, this one project was a delight. We usually work with interior designers, the home owners are people we barely meet. The whole idea for this project came up from a humble collection of shells, yes sea shells from one of the family’s trips to Goa. A whole box of fragile, shiny, white shells were handed to us.

While we buffed, tinted and dyed the shells, we were convinced about using it the way it was. The lustrous, white, mother of pearl finish that caught the eye in every direction was the winner. Dotted inside the Kalamkari peacock, we had a one of a kind piece. Something that the family owns and cherishes.


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