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Warli painting workshop


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Title: Learning Warli basics

Date: April 2012

Venue: Options, Ahmedabad

Duration: 5 days (10 hours in total)

It is never easy to work with a craftsman, even so if the list of participants includes an artist! Crafts being an unorganised sector opens up a plethora of problems. The middlemen have always treated the craftsman badly and have cheated him on various occasions. This makes him very conscious of people working with him. He  takes ages to forge a bond (and when he does eventually, it is quite a strong one!) So when Dilipbhai stepped into the workshop on day 1, my nerves relaxed.

Day after day, little by little, participants learnt the various motifs and structures in a Warli painting. Every day, we looked at a new painting and understood the various elements. Everyday emails were circulated to look at more paintings. It is interesting to note that a seemingly ordinary Warli painting is held together by rules. It doesn’t look that way, right? So at the end of the workshop, our participants went back happy.

Some pictures from our workshop.

For more pictures, click here.


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