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I know I should have waited for the final picture of the Pooja Room Door. Priya is away and it will take a painful whole week to see the installation. She has an housewarming Pooja at the end of the month and wanted the paintings only by then. I guess this is what happens when you deliver well before the time you were supposed to. When it’s good service, of course I am allowed to brag! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Priya wanted to do her Pooja Room differently. I am glad that she didn’t choose to pick up the regular ‘off the shelf’ versions available in the market. So after a good long conversation, we decided that the puppets would be a perfect idea. She is building her home in Hyderabad and a craft from that state would be ideal.

She was sure that she wanted Ashtalakshmi. I googled up a few pictures and she chose her image from a range that I sent her.

Since the craftsman lives in a village that is best reached by snail mail, I posted the picture to him. When I asked him for a proper address, Tulsi Rao said it was unnecessary and the postman knew him well. For an apartment dweller who hardly knows her neighbours, this was a quite a surprise. I don’t send snail mails and I waited for sometime before Tulsi Rao got my letter.

Thanks to the mobile phone, I explained the rest of the details. He said that the picture was a Tanjore painting. He would only use it for his reference and use his style to depict the Goddess.

The painting was ready in two weeks. I wasn’t comfortable with him sending the paintings back by post. I don’t know the postman here! So I convinced him to take a bus to the nearest town and send the paintings through DTDC. I finally had a CN number to track the shipment online.

I wish someone photographed my face when I opened the parcel. Gorgeous as it was, I had second thoughts about sending it to Priya ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is how the paintings would look against the light.

Some individual pictures. Look at the detail on each of them.

I am still waiting for Priya to install the paintings on the door and send me the final pictures. Will share the same soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are looking for a custom made piece, email us on craftcanvas@gmail.com.


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