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A little bit of Assam in your life


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As far as North East India is concerned, I’ve only been to Sikkim. For about 10 days (only managed a week and 2 weekends as I was employed then!), I did all the touristy things, gorged on momos, was awestruck by the Himalayas and finally got back with the usual mementos. For the past year or so, I’ve been dreaming about going there. Thangka paintings, colourful textiles and an exotic culture are definite lures to that place.

So when I saw Arpit Agarwal’s work, my travel urge to that beautiful and mystic corner of our country was re-kindled all over again. An alumnus from National Institute of Design, he has captured the essence of Assam in little things that we can use everyday. I firmly believe that art, craft and culture is for all of us and I try to showcase the little ideas from everywhere. I doodle quite a bit and I need a little space to scribble even while I am staring at a blank wall. With all due respect to Microsoft Word, there is nothing better than a piece of paper when I need to pen my thoughts.

If you are nodding your head at what I just wrote, I am sure you will love Arpit’s notebooks. He brings a little of Assam into everyday life. The information provided by him in the photos make for an interesting read. Go ahead, read about some cultural aspects of Assam- like the Bihu dance that is performed by everyone irrespective of caste or creed, their masks that denote a rich theatrical heritage and  Xorai- their traditional symbol used to welcome guests.

In case you are thinking ‘Wow’, the good news is that Arpit says this is just the beginning. He is going to work on everyday use products capturing the essence of North-eastern states and I sincerely hope that his products will bring about some cultural awareness about that little corner of our country.

Arpit has showcased his products on Shopo. In case you wish to buy any of his products, you can Click here.


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