Tree of life, Prime Minister’s office

Tree of life, Prime Minister’s office

This tree of life mural was made as the backdrop for a photograph of the Prime Minister with all visiting dignitaries to India. This project that took us over 3 months to design and execute, with every inch detailed and sampled. Our opportunity at being a tiny part of history forever, we left no stone unturned. From the metal leaves that were carefully hand-bent, patinating every single of them to achieve the exact shade to sampling every pattern of Gond painting, every contrast, this project was a monumental effort. Thoroughly supported and guided by our mentor Canna Patel and her team from HCPIA, the interior designers for this gorgeous Lutyens building, this project will remain close to our hearts, always.


Veneer on plywood


Surpritkaur Dang


4 x 3 feet