ArKa-modular storage system

ArKa-modular storage system

This project was part of the Innovation Internship program of DICRC in partnership with CraftCanvas, Ahmedabad. It was a four-week project from 1st to 30th July 2013 wherein the craft design process went through several stages of development like hands-on work, material exploration, design brief development and market surveys. The aim of this project was to bring together design innovation and traditional craft techniques. The name ArKa has been derived by the team through the combination of two words- Artesania (Spanish word for crafts) and Kala (Indian word for crafts).Project ArKa is a modular multifunctional storage system developed with Wood Turning Lacquer Craft practiced in Dholka, Gujarat. It was a collaboration through the craft design process between an industrial designer from Mexico, Jimena and a crafts person, Anil from Dholka, Gujarat.


Anilbhai Suthar


Jimena Biro