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Mangali Tekam


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Craft: Gond painting, Madhya Pradesh

Mangali Tekam, Gond Artisan, Madhya Pradesh

Mangali Tekam, Gond Artisan, Madhya Pradesh

Mangali’s first tryst with Gond happened after marriage. While she is also part of the Gond community, she grew up learning household chores. Painting was never something that she was interested in.

Married to Kaushal, a relentless painter whose speed and determination is legendary even among the hard-working artisans of the community, this mother of three has developed her own style. We have known her for a long time now. And we are happy and proud to notice how her work has developed finesse over the years. While her initial paintings were a shadow of her husband’s, she has now started exploring ideas on her own.

A shy person by nature, she is always reluctant to pose for pictures.


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