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A workshop for the soul


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I was born in the 80s, in Chennai. That would explain most of my childhood. It was education all the way. My life was wrapped around mathematics, sciences and my mother’s unflinching belief in the need to master Hindi (maybe she had an inkling about my future choice of husband!). I wasn’t particularly good at sports, but I made up by being the fastest at multiplication tables. It was a choice- sports or academics, never both.

In all this, I missed out on few things during my childhood. Art was one such thing. I wasn’t the best at using the pastels back in school, but I loved the care-free indulgence that painting offered. There was no right answer and that thought was so much fun.

So when I got my chance finally (forget that I am almost 30!), the paints still hold that charm for me. I’ve gone berserk trying to mix colors, paint in that secret book (this is equivalent to bathroom singing) and having a ball of a time.

Now I am glad I am able to offer that chance to many like me. A 5 day workshop on Warli painting. It will be conducted by Dilipbhai, a National Award winning painter. More about Warli very soon, but do remember that is an easy to learn painting. I am not training to be the next Hussain here. I am just going to paint my heart out, just indulge myself.

If you are in Ahmedabad, come join me. Indulge!


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